Live Singers For Virtual Events

Live Singers For Virtual Events

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  • If you are thinking that Virtual musical events can`t be organised then you are wrong!
  • Bookmysinger is always there to provide Musical services and memorable experience with it`s artists, musicians, and instrumentalists.  
  • As we all know the pandemic of Covid-19 crisis has given a fallback to mass gatherings that were happening before, the joy and happiness, the satisfaction, etc. 

There`s no need to worry You have an option to book live singers for virtual events from us. Get priceless experience for all genres whether party-enthusiastic, rock music fanatics, Pop, or soft music lovers.   

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Live singers for Virtual Event

  • An app that permits you to book live singers for virtual events and allow you to choose live concerts from a huge array of singers which turns your room into a live musical show.
  • Our Live singers for virtual events, will provide you with customization of the live music show from a wide array of singers via Zoom call, Google Meet, Skype conference etc.
  • There is no chance that you are going to get bored or miss any special moment. We book live singers for virtual events or occasion like Wedding celebration, Birthday party, Private party, Devotional events etc. We guarantee memorable celebration.

Book Singers for Virtual Events on zoom app online

  • Have birthday party? or an occasion, A jubilee anniversary, or Something special for loved ones, Then we are there with our live band for virtual events. Our Virtual party entertainers flows the wave of music like you haven`t heard before. 
  • A Simple access to Wifi  connectivity you can book a live music band for hosting virtual events like birthday parties, college parties, get together, corporate events and many more.

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Live Band for Virtual Events

Live singers for Virtual Event

  • Our live singers for virtual events hosting podium provides all those features of a live party, rock music show, or even a customized demand for ‘Dandiya Nights’, Ghazal Nights, get together, etc. That you don’t have to compromise due to the Indoors.
  • Here, you have the option to go through our entire list of singers-female singers and male singer whom you can book for one such wedding event.
  • Be it a Solo singer, Duet or about booking a live band for virtual wedding events we can arrange it for you anyhow. Once the entire guest arrives at the venue, you can connect the giant screen through an installed Zoom calling app and just enjoy the live wedding event right in front of your eyes.

Musical Folk For virtual Events

  • Ghazal, or rock music, or the Classic melodies to Indian diverse folk music of Rajasthan, we cover all in our house.
  • If you want to get high on Global music, you can also choose signers from our World music section where we cover Western popular music, Jazz Latin Pop and more. Our services covers all types of music and for your convenience online session singers are ready to rock.

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What is required for Live Event

  • Unlike any normal wedding events, a virtual partner like BookMySinger widens your every scope to host a virtual events with live singers for virtual events on board.
  • The login credentials of one such watch party can be easily shared with the invitees and the guests who have been invited to the party venue.
  • If it’s a large venue with a single jumbo TV monitor/screen, an HDMI cable connectivity with a broadband WiFi Internet should be sufficient to host one such live wedding event from the venue.

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Our Promise

  • Bookmysinger specifically focus on variety of music genre as per your requirements.
  • A college annual fest, corporate event, or a wedding sangeet, we always pump up the voice and atmosphere through music.
  • Our ambience of music can be easily accessible through the Zoom and meet app. It’s easy to access and can also be enjoyed at home theatre easily.
  • Our virtual entertainers creates musical waves in a way that your hearts flows in musical Beats.
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Live Band

  • Our live band of singers for  Virtual event would be ideal for your Successful and amazing event. 
  • Live musicians and singers
  • Mixtures of Emotions
  • Instruments & music speaks

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  • Duets are best to make your environment cherish and delightful. They just flow the musical waves in the event.
  • Musical Battle
  • Waves of Soft Vocals
  • Music will touch your heart

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  • Solo`s are always memorable with their Sweet and soft vocals. The music is just fluent by them.
  • Raw and joyful
  • A Emotional touch
  • Always memorable


  • Since, our virtual stage supports the zoom app, be it an in-house party or a small get-together or a large gathering, by installing the zoom app. You will get instantly connected with us. Our video and audio system has every such feature that’s available in any world-class global theatre.
  • Once you book live singers for video conferencing calls in the zoom app, it’s easy for a maximum number of guests to get connected with us via valid user/login ID.
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