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  • Book my singer offers all types of singers for you and if you love gazal music, so you can hire live ghazal singer at an affordable cost. Gazal songs create an amazingly soothing voice that changes the atmosphere of any event.
  • You are going to keep listening to the music without getting bored.
    So, when you love it, go through it because your best selection matters a lot for both of us. 
  • Choose the best live ghazal singer and hire live ghazal singer to get them at any party like a corporate party, private party, birthday party, college party, etc. Make your any party awesome.

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Hire Bollywood Ghazal Singer


  • If you are looking for a Bollywood ghazal singer at your event, so get our music services by booking online. We have got so much love from audiences all over India and we are always available to complete your wish of hiring amazing ghazal singers. 
  • So, you just need to hire live ghazal singer or a Bollywood ghazal singer.
    We have a list of Bollywood ghazal singers for you, so any of your favorite singers you can select from that list. 
  • The performance of the Bollywood Ghazal singer can make your evening event or party wonderful. So, hire live ghazal singer or Bollywood ghazal singer through us.

Hire Classical Music Singer

  • If you love classical music so much, then why don’t you hire a classical music singer through us. In fact, we are working as a professional to fulfill your wish of getting great professional singers. 
  • Along with singers, we also offer classical music instrumentalists, so get here whatever type of singer or instrumentalist you want.
  • So, when you are going to plan any event with some classical music, hire live ghazal singer and classical singer from us. You can book classical music artists like Sufi singers, ragas singers, ustad singers online by just visiting our website.

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Hire live Ghazal singer for Wedding


  • For your wedding, the ghazal songs can be the best option if you select them. Your wedding day can become a memorable day of your life. Any type of ghazal singer, you can book or hire live ghazal singer for the wedding. You are just a step away to book our services.
  • Every professional ghazal singer from us can make your awesome moment in your wedding function. 
  • Everyone will hear the soothing and amazing voice of ghazal singers, ghazal artists, instrumentalists, or performers at your wedding function. For that, you have to hire live ghazal singer for the wedding.
Retro Music Singer for Hire


  • BookMySinger provides Retro Music Singer for Hire in the wedding ceremony. Some other events like a wedding reception, ring ceremony, corporate, private and birthday party etc. 
  • We book or hire top and best retro music singer at affordable and flexible price rate. So, if you are looking for hire retro music singer. Here we give you best option for the retro singer. 
  • Our retro music singers has performed all over India and we got the best result from clients and audience

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Hire Live Ghazal Singer
Krishna Pandey
Krishna Pandey

  • He is one of the versatile singer that grabs attention in few minutes by his voice and skills. You can book live singer and band for house party in Mumbai and will be getting his presence for enlighten singing.  

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best bollyood female singer for virtual events

  • She is most soulful and heart-touching singer in our house. Her voice and the singing skills are unbeatable. You can book live singer and band for house party in Mumbai and will be getting her presence with mixed mashup musical tadka.
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