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  • Bookmysinger presents Bollywood singers for virtual events:- while social distancing is important, coronavirus can’t stop us from celebrating musical events. 
  • This Pandemic Phase has taken many things away from us and one of the most important things would be a celebration in terms of social gathering.
  • BookMySinger has come through a solution of providing live music shows on a virtual platform. With the various video calling applications such as ZOOM, SKYPE, GoogleMeet e.t.c.
  • Our Company has started providing live Bollywood vocalists for virtual circumstances from home.
The live musical events like wedding celebrations, Reception Ceremony, birthday celebrations, Meet-Ups, etc. Can be done through Virtually from app. We will Book Bollywood Singers For Virtual Events as per your Convenience.

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bollywood singers for virtual events

  • Bollywood singers for virtual events are available in Maharashtra- Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, surat,
    Jaipur, Visakhapatnam, Ludhiana, Varanasi, Mysore, Thiruvananthapuram, Udaipur, etc. 
  • Bollywood Singers for virtual events are also available
    for those Indians who stuck in other countries due to Covid 19 Pandemic. To create lockdown memories with their loved ones virtually contact us to Book 
  • Bollywood singers for virtual events on the zoom app in Singapore, Maldives, Mauritius, Paris, Hawaii, Miami, etc. To know more information about the Bollywood singers virtual

Book Live Singer For Virtual Events

  • Live Singer For Virtual Events in the Covid-19 Pandemic Via zoom video calling app, will ensure that the qualified singers even in this tough phase get work. 
  • This will not only benefit the Client with soulful and Soothing Voices who are looking to make their evening memorable, but also the artist who is ideally sitting at their residence. You can also book Live Bollywood Singers For virtual Events or Virtual Performer that will make your Event Memorable. 
  • A Simple access to Internet connectivity and you can book a Live Singer For Virtual Events for hosting virtual events like birthday parties, college parties, get together, corporate events and many more.

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Bollywood Live Band for Virtual Events


  • Our Bollywood live Band for virtual events is an Ultimate choice for Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Meet-ups, family Events, Wedding Rituals, Etc. You can book Bollywood Live band for virtual events as they have performed nationally as well as internationally around more than 70 Concerts. 
  • Bollywood singers for virtual events and live band for virtual events can make your Day awesome and mesmerizing. We arrange all the required setup for the events.
  • Once the entire guest arrives at the venue, you can start the screen through an Zoom calling app and just enjoy the Virtual event at your Home. 

Instrumentalist and Musician For Virtual Events


  • Live Instrumentalist and musician for virtual Events are also available to book for a soothing and Peaceful evening or Events. We have all types of instrumentalist that includes Guitarist, Drum Player, Piano Artist, Flutist, Sitar Player, Keyboard player, Etc. 
  • They have experience of more than 6 Years and music played by them is Peaceful. A Wedding Ceremony, Corporate Event, House party, Family gatherings, Birthday Party, or any events they have performed with great music. 
  • You can book both Bollywood singers for Virtual events and instrumentalists for virtual events to get the best musical and Soulful Experience for your event.

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What is required for Bollywood Singers for Virtual Events
  • Unlike any normal events, a virtual partner like BookMySinger widens your every scope to host a virtual events with live Bollywood singers for virtual events on board. The login credentials of one such watch party can be easily shared with the invitees and the guests who have been invited to the party venue.
  • If it’s a large venue with a single jumbo TV monitor/screen, an HDMI cable connectivity with a broadband WiFi Internet should be sufficient to host one such live wedding event from the venue.
  • Equipment and application used in virtual events are Shure SM58 mike to make sure that the singer vocals are clear to the callers. The digital mixer has been connected to the MAC set up with a webcam to make sure the quality doesn’t degrade and last but not least high bandwidth WIFI to make sure there is minimal latency during the show. Bookmysinger lives singing platform offers a virtual experience like never before to the host and attendees.

Our Promise

  • Bookmysinger specifically focus on variety of music genre as per your requirements.
  • In a digital world, it’s possible to celebrate every event without considering the social-gathering concept. Evaluating the current situation it’s strictly forbidden to do any kind of social gathering in any form of events, 
  • henceforth the solution for this problem is virtual events. Entire family, friends, and relatives can be at the virtual event and celebrate the performance being done by their favorite live Bollywood singers, live bands, virtual singers for their virtual events.
  • Our virtual entertainers creates musical waves in a way that your hearts flows in musical Beats.
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